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Childhood Years
Describes Barack's family, early years as a child, where he lived, what he did, etc., up to the point
he entered college (in 1979).
College Years and Beyond
Describes Barack's first four years of college, his
time as a community organizer, his return to college
at Harvard Law School, his legal career, his time
with "Project Vote," and goes all the way through
his twelve years as a teacher of Constitutional Law
at the University of Chicago Law School (ending in 2004). Also included are: a) information about his
first book, Dreams of My Father (first published in 1995), and b) his early relationship with Michelle,
how they married in 1992, the birth of Malia (in
1998), the birth of Natasha (in 2001), and more....
Political Career
(up to becoming President)
There is an overlap here that goes back to 1996
when Barack ran for the Illinois State Senate,
including how he won and what he did in that
position as State Senator. Describes his first
attempt in 1999 to run for a U.S. Congressional
seat, also how in 2003 he entered the race for
United States Senate, his keynote speech at the
Democratic National Convention in 2004, and there
is substantial information about his time (and his voting record) in the U.S. Senate. There is a sub-
section that begins in February of 2007, when
Barack announced his candidacy for President,
and this sub-section ends in November of 2008,
when he wins the election for President.
As President
Describes many of Barack's accomplishments as President; such as: Healthcare Reform, increasing regulations on financial institutions ("Wall Street Reform"), instituting the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009," bailing out the auto industry, stopping a major recession, ending the
Iraq war, starting the Consumer Protection Bureau,
ordering the killing of Osama Bin Laden, helping
stop Gaddifi's reign, repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell,
appointing two highly-qualified women to the
Supreme Court, reforming Pentagon spending for military weapons systems, and more....
Barack Obama
Background & Achievements